Group geometric show 'Chroma Form'Well Hung ExhibitionArt 4 Peace event in the Waterloo tunnelsVans live paintingPart three of triptych, PurpleMaze Triptych (3)Part two of triptych, OrangeMaze Triptych (2)Part one of triptych, BlueMaze Triptych (1)Solo Show at Flaxon Ptooch, North LondonFlaxon Ptooch ShowInitials APIPersonalised Series (8)Initials LPIPersonalised Series (7)Initial PPersonalised Series (6)Purple Straight EdgesPersonalised Series (5)Blue Straight EdgesPersonalised Series (4)Initial IPersonalised Series (3)Initials APIPersonalised Series (2)Blue curvesPersonalised Series (1)Orange and Blue‘Tez’ Series (1)Pink and Blue‘Tez’ Series (2)Commission for Start Here Charity offices, West LondonStart Here Commission