Floor canvas for advertising awards #theBA17British ArrowsMural for digital production studioRewindPart of the 'Jealous Needs You' collection 2017Jealous Needs You iiTwo murals for sound production studiosJungle StudiosArtwork based on 'Hex' MuralBlue X Screen Print EditionGroup geometric show 'Chroma Form'Well Hung Exhibition5 floor mural at real estate company JLLJones Lang LaSalleExterior wall of Fix, HackneyFix RestaurantCollaborative mural, curated by Jealous GalleryBurgers@N8Mural commission, TottenhamTen87 Music StudiosMural commission for Hex, digital agency, London FieldsHex Digital CommissionArt 4 Peace event in the Waterloo tunnelsVans live paintingA private commission for some friendly neighboursBartholomew RoadHoxton Square, Curated by Unit 9 Production CompanyThe Hoxton Window ProjectCollaborating with school kids on their playground climbing wallSt Saviour’s School MuralArtwork based on rooftop mural designRooftop Mural PrintPart of the 'Jealous Needs You' collection 2015Orange Spiral EditionJealous Gallery Rooftop Mural ProjectJealous MuralPrinted at Jealous Print StudioGreen and Pink EditionsMural commission in Marciac, South of FranceMarciac MuralCommission for residential interiorMaze HallwayCommission of LondoNewcastle owned building on Wenlock Street, East LondonLondoNewcastle CommissionPrinted at Jealous Print StudioOrange Maze EditionSamples printed before productionWallpaper ProofsRepeat mazes designed for wallpaper, C, M, Y and K colourwaysWallpaper Designs (1)Repeat mazes designed for wallpaper, C, M, Y and K colourwaysWallpaper Designs (2)Part three of triptych, PurpleMaze Triptych (3)Part two of triptych, OrangeMaze Triptych (2)Part one of triptych, BlueMaze Triptych (1)Solo Show at Flaxon Ptooch, North LondonFlaxon Ptooch ShowInitials APIPersonalised Series (8)Initials LPIPersonalised Series (7)Initial PPersonalised Series (6)Purple Straight EdgesPersonalised Series (5)Blue Straight EdgesPersonalised Series (4)Initial IPersonalised Series (3)Initials APIPersonalised Series (2)Blue curvesPersonalised Series (1)Orange and Blue‘Tez’ Series (1)Pink and Blue‘Tez’ Series (2)Commission for Start Here Charity offices, West LondonStart Here Commission